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CTWI Group of Companies was conceived in the year 1963.Ornate Naturale an offshoot company of CTWI was established in the year 2010. The company was started mainly to cater the needs of Metro Stations & Airports. Since Metro was in its inception stage & Airport across the nation was getting a face lift Ornate got into steel Structural Fabrication both for Airport & Metro Stations Bangalore. Site Locations-M.G Road, Trinity, Devaiah park, Chord road Station to name a few. BIAL Bangalore pipe fabrication were some of the prestigious projects undertaken.

Recently about 3 years back the fuel free waste disposal equipment was manufactured and brought out to the market.



A R Laakshman Sastry after his formal education, underwent further training in the family’s industry under the aegis of his father Sri A L R Sastry. Thereafter upon taking over the reins of the industry, he, under the benevolence of Sri Benedict K S, was instrumental in developing Solid Waste Disposal System naming it “KILLWASTE”

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