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Disinfection System
Disinfection System for Drinking Water

• Disinfects drinking water from bacteria and viruses

• Large flow rates - ideal for schools and community

• No storage tanks required - directly connect to taps

Ornate Naturale’s Disinfection System is a innovative bacterial treatment technology to deliver clean drinkable water which is100% free of pathogens.

Bacteria and virus is removed through a 3 stage filtration process comprising of a sediment, carbon and an Ultra filtration system.

The unit incorporates a self cleaning mechanism and is driven by a pump that is auto controlled whenever the tap is opened for drinking water

The system is ideally suited in applications where there is a need for large scale discharge of drinking water without the need for storage tanks like schools, public places, temples, convention halls etc

Process Description


Ultra-Filtration Module

• UF Membrane Material - PAN or alloy PVC - NSF Certified.

• Standard Pore Size: 0.01 micron

• UF case stainless steel 304 filter housing

• Automatic cleaning of UF filter based on defined timings

• Peak Flow rate of up to 50 l/min.

• Pressure range 1-3 BAR

• NSF certified 20 inch cartridges

• Pump (0.5hp) with automatic pump controller

• Inlet / Outlet connection 1 inch. Outlet can be connected to 5-6 taps

Key Features of the System

100% Bacteria / Virus removal : The UF module filters this out ensuring no harmful pathogens gets into water

3 Stage Filtration : 20 Micron filter, followed by Ultra Filtration and Activated Carbon

Direct to Taps - No Storage tanks required : The System can be connected directly to multiple taps to deliver bacteria free water on-demand

Low Maintenance : System uses standard materials that is easy to maintain and does not require skilled personnel to operate

No Chemical Use : The System does not use any chemicals in its treatment process

Low Power consumption - Can use Solar : Requires 2 BAR pressure, which is delivered either through gravity or using a low power pump

Component Description

Process Description

• The ON-500/1000 systems are designed to disinfect water on demand. This unit does not require a storage tank and system will deliver clean drinking water whenever the tap is switched on.

• Water enters the system through the pump placed inside. This is a small 0.5 hp pump that is controlled by an Automatic Pump Controller. The Automatic pump controller switches On/Off the pump whenever water is required (when taps are on). It also switches off the pump when there is no inlet water. This ensures there is no dry run in pump.

• From the pump, water enters the Mesh filter placed in a 20-inch cartridge. This is a 50 micron cleanable mesh filter used to take out any dust / sediments in the inlet water. Whenever the cartridge gets dirty (visually to be checked), it can be removed from the housing (using the spanner provided) and cleaned manually.

• Water from the mesh filter then enters the Ultra Filtration module placed in a Stainless Steel housing. The UF module does a 0.01 micron, absolute filtration that takes out all bacteria and viruses from the water.

• The output from the UF module (inside-out principle) then enters the carbon cartridge before it reaches the outlet pipe for consumption.

• A small pressure tank (5 Liters capacity) is placed between the UF and the carbon filter. This pressure tank stores clean water that will be used for automatic back washing of the UF system.

• A solenoid valve is placed at the drain side of the UF and is operated using a cyclic timer. The system automatically backwashes the UF every one hour for 5 seconds. This ensures the UF is kept clean at all times.

• The carbon cartridge placed after the UF is meant to restore taste in water. The carbon media is placed in a canister and can be replaced time to time

• The outlet from the carbon cartridge is then connected to taps outside of the system for consumption.

Consumables which need to be looked at

Mesh Filter Replace only when broken
Carbon media To be replaced once in 60-70 days. Take media out of the canister. Clean the new media and replace it in canister
UF Membrane Once in 2 years

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