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Present Scenario


  • Conventional incinerators run on fuel and petroleum fuels naturally produce pollutants likeSulphur dioxide/trioxide, NOX etc., and huge quantity of particulates apart from theemissions of burning waste.
  • Being huge devises with complicated mechanism, the installation costs are so high that smalland medium scale units cannot afford this. Domestic installation is just impractical.
  • The intricate mechanism, use of fuels and complications necessitate skilled technicians.
  • These leads to huge recurring expenses. Occasional shut downs and breakdowns too are notrare.
  • The spacious plants require vast areas of land for operation. In places where availability ofland is the biggest problem, fuel based incinerators turn out to be impractical.
  • The motto of waste management is 'disposal of waste at source'. The practicing of this isquite impossible in the case of conventional fuel based incinerators.

    'KILL WASTE' effectively addresses these FIVE major drawbacks of fuel-based incinerators and offersa viable and practical solution through its uniqueness in the principle and process.

  • 'KILL WASTE' runs without any fuel. The technique of injecting atmospheric oxygen throughthe specially designed nozzles to the pre-lit waste materials in the combustion chamber isimplemented and practiced using the groundbreaking OCT technology.
  • Being a sophisticated device smaller in size, the cost of installation is minimum and there areno recurring expenses as this is fuel free
  • Since no complicated devices are included, the operation and running do not demand theservices of trained technicians.
  • The compactness of KILLWASTE ensures that the space required for installation is a minimal.This is so portable that it can be installed on rooftops even.
  • The possibility of installation at the source of waste generation ensures practicing thecontemporary slogan 'dispose waste at source'
  • The chances of hazardous emissions are higher while incineration is done involving fuels. Thepresent invention uses no fuel and the chances of hazardous emissions are minimalcompared with fuel-based incinerators.
  • The rate of incineration (quantity of waste disposed per hour) is at least ten times higherthan that of conventional fuel based incinerators.
  • Inside the four layer thermal insulated chamber, very high temperature (>900°C) is attainedwithin a short while and the same is sustained for hours on. The chances of Dioxin exposureare rare due to this.
  • The built-in emission control devices effectively prevent particulates, scale down the densityof smoke and odour and ensure normal emissions at par with relevant standards.
  • The four layer thermal insulated chamber ensures normal atmospheric temperature on theouter surface even while the unit is operational. This ensures easiness of use and safety ofusers.

KILL WASTE is implemented commercially for municipal waste management as well as for small-scalewaste management at source for commercial, residential and hospital projects or any otherwaste generator. This is the very first solid/wet waste dispenser capable to dispose wastes at thesource without the use of any fuel. The waste piled up in industries, auditorium, educationalinstitutions, hospitals and health centers, super markets, residential apartments and villas, railwaystations etc., can be easily disposed of with minimum investment and absolutely no recurring cost.

The space required to install the unit is also minimum and even rooftops are preferable. The unit isso compact and portable that erection and handling are effortless.

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