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  • Installation cost of the unit is very low
  • No fuel, none whatsoever is required hence no operational cost
  • No Electrical or Electronic devices within the system hence nomaintenance cost
  • Both wet and dry waste can be burned in the unit with 45 min. of time
  • Volume of combustion chamber is large hence; large quantity of waste canbe disposed within minutes.
  • The space required for installation of unit is minimum.
  • The unit is fabricated with heavy-duty steel and can be installed any placeas per requirement.
  • The unit can be installed within 3 days when brought to site.
  • The optional in-built wet scrubber system ensures emission parameters likeparticulate matters, Nitrogen oxideand Hydrochloric acid. etc. in compliance with the emission standardsprescribed by the Pollution Control Board, and the absence of sulphur basedfuels such as diesel, kerosene or similar fuels eliminates emission of harmful gasessuch as sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide etc.
  • The unit is perfectly insulated for thermal protection and heatretention. This ensures that an average temperature of 400 - 500 Degree Celsius isattained within the chamber and this leads to complete combustion of the waste.The high temperature burning also ensures that toxic effluents are not generatedduring incineration
  • Every genuine 'KILL-WASTE – the fuel free disposer comes with 2 yearsonsite warranty
  • The burning chamber, scrubber system etc., are made of thick 6MM/8MM/10MMsteel cylinders of IS grade TATA/ JINDAL. And that of emission pipes are madeeither of Stainless steel and Schedule 40 Seamless steel pipes.
  • The system is supported on four steel pipes so as to keep bottom of the burningchamber at 1.0m above respective ground or floor level. The base effectiveheight of the chimney fitted with the system comes to 12.0m.
  • The system can be fixed at rooftop of any building, provided the slab strength shouldbe adequate or further strengthen to take the load of the unit transferred by eachleg.
  • The stack height is customizable according to the customer need up to 30 meters.Once installed on rooftop of high rise buildings, the equipment will have a grossstack height of more than 30 meters as required by norms.

  • It works upon a unique principle, Air Rotating Technology (ART) bywhich large quantities of general solid wastes can be burned to ash withina short time by effectively regulating the air supply without using any fuelor electricity. This technology – a simple invention by an ISRO (IndianSpace Research Organization) technician, is nothing but a greatcontribution to modern science, is protected by the intellectual propertyLaws of India,
  • Unlike conventional incinerators (which demand huge investment andrunning cost ) KILL-WASTE needs minimum investment and absolutelyzero running cost since it does not require any fuel or maintenance or coston spares. The operation of KILL-WASTE is very simple. No need ofskilled technicians or engineers.
  • KILL-WASTE is so compact that it can be installed even on rooftops.The space required for installation is only 1mtr. X 1mtr of area.
  • There are optional in-built pollution control devices to control particulatematter emission, density of smoke and odour. A secondary burningchamber to burn carbon particles is also attached.
    • - The pollution controldevices included in the installation, are
    • - Wet scrubber
    • - Secondary burning chamber additional airintake
    • - Porthole for ash
  • And the above mentioned systems are fuel free and in compliance withthe relevant emission standards, as prescribed by the State Pollutioncontrol Board.
  • A single unit with 1500 liters chamber capacity and effective chimneyheight of 14.5mtr from ground level could smoothly and safely dispose1200-1500Kg of wastes per day assuming that the unit works 10 hoursa day. (* It is a scientific fact that general solid wastes accumulated inindustries or hospitals are to be calculated in terms of volume and notin terms of mass).
  • The rate of incineration (quantity of waste disposed per hour) is at least ten times higherthan that of conventional fuel based incinerators.
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