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The present scenario involves the collection of waste and unscientific dumping of the same in large landfills. The un-segregated nature of the waste leads to the situation where such wastes do not bio-degrade and therefore remain intact in these landfills, generating large amounts of methane which clearly is harmful to the environment. Our machine aims to solve this problem by reducing the volume of such wastes by incinerating the same at source of waste generation in a controlled manner. Apart from the aforementioned problem, the alternate methods of waste disposal are highly complicated, expensive and difficult to implement and maintain.

KILLWASTE advanced solid waste disposal system is being commercially implemented across the country wherein, our organization installs and commissions our waste disposal systems across various bulk waste generators such as Apartment Buildings, Gated communities, Convention centres, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Panchayats, Municipality Wards etc. and, provide comprehensive waste management training to help manage waste at source. The aforementioned method of waste disposal helps the waste generators to prevent the waste generated by them from leaving their premises untreated and thereby reducing the burden on the municipal bodies.

The success of our equipment in Kerala, Uttarakhand, Jammu-Kashmir, Orissa, Karnataka, Gujarat & Tamil Nadu has strongly led us to believe that, the same can be successfully implemented across various Educational Institutions, Hospital, etc. across the GLOBE to help solve the waste disposal problem in the long run.

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