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Sewage Treatment System
Sewage Treatment System Intelligent SBR Technology

How a Typical Sewage Treatment Plant Works

The Next Generation Sewage Treatment System Intelligent SBR Technology

• No effective Sewage Treatment System available to manage water in Individual homes / small communities

• Most systems are manual and inconsistent – requires too much attention

• eSBR systems addresses these issues and is a great improvement on normal SBR technology

• Highly Scalable system – from small (1 KLD) to Big systems (500 KLD)

• Totally Automated – No manpower required to manage plant – Global Best Practices have been incorporated

• Low Power & Energy Saving - treats only incoming water as per load

• 98% cleaning of waste water in 6 hours

• No Chemical use - Fully Biological treatment

• Space Saving – Entire Plant can be placed under the ground

• Retrofit-able in existing septic tanks

Available for Individual homes to entire community

What’s different in e-SBR Systems

Conventional SBR systems need high capacity blowers that are Energy inefficient and requires high maintenance

Our Systems uses Energy Efficient Compressors and are fully automatic

Unlike Other Systems our STP can be placed under the ground

STP Tank placed under the walk way in D&B Office Chennai

The Control room outside

Results in Huge Space Savings for Our Customers

Very High Degree of Safety

Inside View of Tank

All Electrical Parts kept outside

No Mechanical Parts – Electrical Parts – Pumps inside the Tanks

Fully Automatic System

Fully Automated by Micro controller with pressure and level sensors – In a worst case scenario, if the controller fails, it can be fully replaced in 20Mins

Requires No Dedicated Personnel to Manage the Plant

High Quality Parts Used in System

• The Best German Compressors : Compressor from Busch/Gardner Denver Dry Running claw type with 500 cu.m/hr W 400 V, 3 phase

• The Best Diffusers : Membrane air diffuser, finely perforated, EPDM, Tube diffusers from Jaeger or Envirocon Germany

• All Piping in tank is made of SS 304 : Including clamps and fittings for wall mounting in SS 304

• Electric Actuated Valve from ASCO / Emerson

• Temperature Sensor and Cooling fan arrangement from Rittal

Results in Low Failure Rates for our Customers

Web Monitoring – Saving in Maintenance Time

The Web Monitoring System gives Maintenance companies and Operators the option to monitor the treatment plants online, regardless of where they are …

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Value We will Deliver

Space and Money Savings

• The SBR Tanks are placed underground and top can be used as a Garden or Pathway

• No Smell whatsoever

Very Environment Friendly System

• No Chemical Use and Low Power Consumption

• Meeting and Exceeding Pollution Control Board Norms

Scaled Deployment and Running

• Will work even with a Single Occupant

Maintenance Free solution to your Customers

Output Water can be treated for bacteria contamination and can be used for :

• Agriculture

• Bore well Recharge

• Tertiary use like construction etc

• Pavement Cleaning

Total Saving in water works to almost 60%

How the System Works

• Charging Phase : The wastewater is initially fed into the sludge tank (1st chamber) where solid constituents are removed. From here, the wastewater is then gradually led into the SBR tank (2nd chamber).

• Aeration Phase : The SBR tank is where the actual biological treatment process takes place. Here, short aeration and rest phases alternate with one another within the scope of a controlled cleaning process. This means that the so called activated sludge with its millions of micro-organisms can develop and treat the water thoroughly.

• Rest Phase : During the 90-minute rest phase, the activated sludge then settles on the bottom of the tank. A clear water zone forms in the upper part of the SBR tank.

• Clearwater Extraction :The separated clear water is then led from the SBR tank to the receiving water (stream, river or lake) or into a percolation system. Afterwards, the sludge is returned to the first chamber from the SBR tank and the process starts again from the beginning.

Air Lift


Control Panel and Compressor





Number of tank (nos) 1 1 1
Length (inner) (m) 2.50 1.70 0.70
Width (inner) (m) 2.00 2.00 2.00
Max water Level (m) 1.80 1.80 1.80
Capacity of water (m3) 9.00 6.12 2.52
Min total capacity (m3) 2.50 1.70 0.70
MIn total capacity (m3) 11.50 7.82 3.22

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