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  • ''KILL WASTE" ADVANCED FUEL-FREE SOLID WASTE DISPOSER is an eco-friendly andeconomic solution for solid waste disposal which runs on the principle of controlledcombustion through regulated air supply while addressing and solving the major drawbacksof conventional combustion based incinerator systems like,
    • - Use of Fuel and Resultant Environmental Impacts
    • - High Initial Investmen
    • - Recurring Running Costs and Maintenance
    • - Extensive Space
  • KILLWASTE SOLID WASTE DISPOSER which works on PART, destroys general solid wasteafter a simple segregation by controlled combustion using scientifically regulated supply ofatmospheric air, and will convert it into ash, heat, steam, and gas causing minimalenvironmental impact. Manufacturing cost is comparatively very low, the fuel free operationavoids recurring costs, and the compactness ensures minimum space for installation.
  • Eccotech Solutions was started in the year 2013 as part of an effort to design a simple,economical and hassle free waste management solutions to help manage the wastemanagement crisis that grips our society.
  • Eccotech Currently manufactures 8 different models of Incinerator and various pollutioncontrol devices to help suit our customer needs. And we now currently market the productacross Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Orissa Etc, and have multiple channelpartners/commission agents/dealers/branches across these states to help market theproduct.
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