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We at Ornate Naturale are the pioneers of affordable, eco-friendly and easy to operate waste management equipment’s. Our Proprietary Fuel free solid waste disposal system namely “Kill Waste” with emission control device combined with our “Greeneria” range of automatic composting system offers end to end waste management solutions to our esteemed clients across the country. We have a Pan India presence and have long standing engagements with large Institutions, both Private and otherwise including the Indian Defence Forces & Naval Base etc…

Automatic Organic Waste Composting Machine

A recent Gallup survay discovered that 94 percent of all consumers prefer to do business with individuals/entities that demonstrate they care about the environment

Drop Dead Features

• Fully Automatic

• Composts all types of food (Rasam etc)

• Composting in about 2-3 days

• Low Noise

• Nil Labour/ process handling

• 80-90% volume reduction

• Remove compost once in 10 days

• Very low OPEX

• Low Floor space/ Compact

• No Pathogens, safe for human handling

• No foul smell, no rats/ insects/flies

• Very good aesthetics

• Continuous Composting

• Stainless Steel tank, Life of 20+ yrs;

• Commercials : Ownership / Hire purchase models.

The science behind Organic Waste Composter

Advantages over other OWC Solutions

• Decentralized Waste Management Solution.

• AESTHETIC DESIGN : Designed to please aesthetic appeals.

• SMALL FOOT PRINT : Less than a single car park for a 250kg Unit that caters to 500+ apartments/Houses

• REDUCED LABOUR COST : Part time labor requirement reduces ongoing costs.

• SAFE HANDLING : No Pathogens due to operations in high temperature thereby reducing health risks significantly.

• REDUCED RECYLE TIME : Waste manure duration is 1-3 days vis-a-vis traditional composting methods that requires about 20-22 days.

• REDUCED TRANSPORTATION COSTS : In-situ processing eliminates transport costs.

• HASSLE FREE OPERATION : No multi step process. Provide the input, plug & ply

• NO RECURRING COSTS : No refurbishing of bio-Catalysts and saw dust our machines are provisioned with it.

• RODENT PROFF : Designed to keep rodents at bay.

• NON-ODOUROUS : Cleanest with negligible odour.

• LONG TERM SLUTION : 25-30 years lifespan

• MAINTENANCE/SUPPORT : Warranties and AMC to ensure 24/7,365 days of uninterrupted

What could be put inside the machine

• Organic matter

• Kitchen waste, cooked & uncooked food

• Garden waste

• Temple waste

• Paper (raw, carton boxes, tissues)

• Bone and Egg shells

• Coffee and Tea grounds

• Compostable plastics

• Plastics & other recyclable wastes come out as it is from the composter (up to -2 % by weight)

What could not be put inside the machine

• Organic matter that cannot be composted include, Coconut shells, Animal droppings

• STP sludge (not recommended)

• Norganic – Recyclable Waste – Plastics

• Rubber, glass, laminated paper tetra pack, magazine paper

• Regular plastics

• Chemicals – cosmetics, medicine

Processing Technology

(Technical specifications, scientific information)

Operation Fully automatic
Output Organic manure
Installation requirements Almost plug and play. Vent to be connected outdoors or storm water lines. No need of water inlet. Water may be required, only to clean the machine externals and any spilled waste.
Control system PLC based
Composting tank SS
Housing SS
Input/output Door for waste input and separate door for getting out compost.
Heater Insulted oil heating chamber or heating pads as a variant.
Other features > Provided with waste overload function.
> Indicators for power mode heater and power saving mode.
> Stainless steel(ss304) shaft and mixing blades.
> Safety feature- internal mixing blades automatically stop when hopper door is opened(in auto mode).
> Can be run in auto mode or manual mode.
> Internal shaft turns and sends out the.
> Compost, when the compost door is opened.
Doors Separate door for waste input and separate door for compost removal.
Preferred location for installation Can be a garden, area adjacent to garden, car park, preferably with a connection to the drainage.
Warranty 1 year with manufacturer's warranty. Extended warranty also with AMC.
Life of the machine Expected around 25 years.

Our Prime Clients

• Adm Commandant, Nagarota - Jammu & Kashmir

• RMZ Galleria Residences

• Phoenix Market City

• Infosys

• Konkan Railway

• Sobha Developers

• Leela Palace

• Sri Sumeru Realty PVT

• UKN Esperanza

• Alila Hotels

• DSR Infrastructure

• Samadhura Apartmentrs

Treatable items Vegetables, Fish, bread, curry, roti, meat, animal bones, garden waste & other compostable organic biomass
Untreatable items Metal waste, plastic, glass, big bones, large shells, petrochemicals, stones
Processing time Most organic items are composted in 24 – 48 hours
Removal of compost Required once in 8 to 10 days. Though compost is formed in 24-48 hours, such prolonged processing helps in maturing.
Use of output Can be used in Gardens directly, after mixing with soil in 1:10 ratio, must be matured if used in farms for food.
Leach ate/ water discharge None
Gas discharge No harmful discharge; only water vapour

Technical Details

Waste processing capacity per day 50 kg per day 100 kg per day 250 kg per day 1250 kg per day
Machine weight 285 kg approx. 400 kg approx. 1.2 tones approx. 3.5 tones approx.
Approx. Dimensions (mm) 2043 x 683 x 1202 mm 2400 x 900 x1210mm 2600x1142x1450mm 4300x1800x2286 mm
(feet) 6.7 x 2.2 x 3.9 feet 7.8 x 2.9 x 3.9 feet 8.5x3.7x4.7 feet 14.1 x 5.9 x 7.5 feet
Power 3.82 kW 5.47 kW 7.87 kW 18.25 kW
Motor 0.55 kW 1.1kW 1.5 kW 5.5 kW
Heater 2.9 kW 4 kW 6 kW 12 kW
Fan 0.37 kW (heavy duty) 0.37 kW (heavy duty) 0.37 kW (heavy duty) 0.75 kW (heavy duty)
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